Monday, August 17, 2009

Ballon over ridge.

Man, I am so sorry for not posting on this blog for so long. Things have been so hectic and busy. I will try to do much better.
This is one of my favorites from the ballon festival at Antelope Island a few years ago. All the colors, clouds etc. made for an interesting shot.
Pentax K10d w/12-24, f7.1, 1/200 shutter, Sensitivity priority, Evaluative metering

Vanishing Point

Is it a mirage, is it water,where is the horizon? Theis image has all kinds of questions. The clouds are very interesting, and the vanishing horizon gives it a otherwordly look. I also shot at a higher ISO to give a little graininess to the image. I regret that now, wishing I would have added it later in editing, but, oh well. I probably should crop out the shoreline in the foreground as well, what do you think?
Pentax K10d w/ 16-50 DA*, f22, 1/60, Aperture Priority, ISO 400, Evaluative Metering

Antelope Island

A little while back, when returning from the Ballon Stampede on Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake, I captured this image. I loved the contrast mud, smooth water and Desert look of the Island.
Pentax K10d, 16-50 DA*, f7.1, 1/200 shutter, ISO 100, Multi-segment metering in manual mode, under exposed 2/3 stop.