Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Experiments

Same as below but reflector is used only on the background.
Wavy Metal
Pentax K20D, 50mm, 1/100 Shutter, f1.6 Aperture, 100 ISO, Center Weighted meter, No Flash
Gold Reflector used for background and foreground
Original Image before B&W conversion. Same specs as below.
Black & White Abstraction
High contrast edit in lightroom.
Pentax K20D, 12-24mm, 1/25 shutter, f4 Aperture, 100 ISO, Center weighted, Diffused flash underexposed 2 stops
Pentax K20D, 50mm, 1/60 Shutter, 1.4 Aperture, 100 ISO Center weighted metering, Flash used, diffused and 2 stops under exposed.
All of these images were taken with a couple of candle holders I found while out with my wife at the craft store. Can you believe we went there so she could find something and I was the only one who ended up making a purchase? I saw these and started thinking how much fun I could have with them, so home we went and I broke out the camera, which has been sorely unused for the last little bit. I used tinfoil for my background and varied use of my built in flash with a Gary Fong puffer for the 50mm shots, underexposed so I wouldn't get to high of a contrast, just a little highlights. I did not use the flash for the 12-24 shots as the flash coverage is too narrow with that lens. I used my gold reflector to illuminate the background and foreground in a few shots for some variety.

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