Sunday, June 28, 2009

Idaho Wilderness

This image was shot in Island Park, Idaho. I found it quite an intersting contrast between the lush greens of the forest floor and the rough starkness of the lodgepole pines. It almost seems like two different places came together.
Pentax K10d w 16-50, ISO 200, f14, .08 sec shutter, aperture priority, evaluative metering.
I shot this late in the evening in Palisades, Idaho. The sun had already set and the trees cast a dark shadow over the trail. I used a very long exposure which shows in the light breeze that softens some of the leaves in the bushes to the right. It was a very quiet and relaxing time for pictures.

Pentax K10d w/ 10-17, ISO 100, f16, 4 sec. shutter, aperture priority, evaluative metering

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